Attack on Titan Episode Titles Tease the Climax of Season 4

Attack on Titan is making its way through its fourth season, and things are starting to get intense once more. The season has already dealt with war and death in its first ten episodes, and that is only going to escalate from here on out. After all, some new episode titles have been released for the series, and Attack on Titan is making it clear that season four's climax will be a wild one.

Recently, NHK updated its episode titles ahead of this week's big release. As it turns out, episode 12 will simply kickstart an epic climax that will only get worse. The story will continue in episode 13 with "Children of the Forest" while episode 14 pops off with "Savagery". Finally, episode 15 has confirmed its title "Sole Salvation" which sounds ominous, not going to lie.

As you can see, these new episode titles paint a picture leading up to episode 16. This endgame episode promises to end the season, but there is still plenty of manga left to adapt. It is almost assured a second part of the season will be ordered to complete Hajime Isayam's story, and the next few weeks will make such a continuation necessary.

After all, episode 13 seems to be a direct nod to Zeke as the Beast Titan must be kept somewhere while in custody. Levi would be the first to sequester the Beast Titan to the forest, so the March episode will have something juicy in store for fans. The following release will carry the intensity forward with a title like "Savagery". It seems things are poised to get wild as season four comes to an end, and manga readers know just how true that hunch is.

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