Attack on Titan Introduces Its New Founding Titan

Attack on Titan is doing the most with season four, and fans are tuning in each week to see how it goes. If you did not know, the series will come to an end once its latest season wraps, and fans are more than halfway to that close. Not long ago, the anime shook down audiences by debuting an all-new threat, and we've now got an idea of how our Founding Titan looks.

If you are caught up with Attack on Titan season four, then you know the Founding Titan has been in our grasp this whole time. The power was given to Eren from his father Grisha years ago. In episode 80, we learned the older Yeager stole the power from the Reiss family in a bloody fight, and we discovered who the power came from originally.

Right now, all eyes are on Eren as the soldier is the current user of the Founding Titan. We have not gotten a full look at the monster just yet, but we have gotten enough glimpse to tell he is gnarly. Eren's new Titan form has a sallow face with sharp teeth. As for his body, the Founding Titan has a huge spine, and his shadow towers far above the Colossal Titans near him. Clearly, the Founding Titan is a total beast, and he looks just as scary as Ymir was back in the day.

After all, we saw Ymir in their titan form, and hers had the physique of a woman. Ymir's titan had hair and a skeletal face with no nose. Her wrinkled skin gives the original Founding Titan an ancient vibe, so you can see why King Fritz was awed by their power.

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And of course, the anime showed us the Reiss family's Founding Titan. This version of the titan is the most human despite Frieda's wide eyes and muscular form. When it comes to their intimidation level, the Reiss titan is at the bottom of the list, and Grisha never cared to unlock the Founding Titan for themselves. Now, Eren has tapped into the power for himself, and Attack on Titan fans aren't sure they are happy about it. 

What do you think about MAPPA's take on these Founding Titans? Which one of these monsters looks the best to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.