Attack on Titan Just Explored Reiner's Morbid Bond with the Jaw Titan

Attack on Titan season four promised to end the anime with a bang, and it is delivering so far. In the last two weeks, MAPPA has delivered stellar episodes with killer action and troubling deaths. The latter caught several by surprise when Attack on Titan episode 78 wrapped, and Reiner did his best to ensure he would be the one to go. But thanks to one hero's sacrifice, the series has simply doubled down on his rather dark ties to the Jaw Titan.   

If you weren't in the loop, the latest episode of Attack on Titan checked on Reiner during his fight with Zeke and Eren. The brothers put up a good battle against the Armored Titan, and Reiner was even joined by Porco on the field. However, a surprise move by Zeke threw the whole battle into chaos, and Reiner became its biggest target.

For a minute, it looked like Reiner was going to die, and he would have done so willingly to save his mentee Falco. That did not happen, however. In the end, Porco gave his life to save Reiner and Falco by letting the latter eat him. The Jaw Titan is now safe with Falco, and this is far from the first time the Jaw Titan has saved Reiner in Attack on Titan.

Before the boy ever reached the Walls, Reiner was saved by Marcel Galliard from a rogue Titan outside the city. This passed the Jaw Titan to Ymir, and the girl ended up saving Reiner years later. She might not have died in the pursuit, but Ymir's successor would as we all saw Porco lay down his life to keep Reiner alive. So despite his fervent wishes to die, it seems the universe won't let Reiner go until this whole Titan business is done. His destiny keeps him on the battlefield, and now Attack on Titan fans can only watch Falco with the hope he doesn't sacrifice himself as well.

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