Attack on Titan Finale Makes a Huge Change to the Titan Curse

Attack on Titan did the impossible with its last chapter when it went live this month. After more than a decade, the manga closed with several big revelations that few saw coming. Of course, fans were keen to learn how the Titans would be approached in the finale as their survival seemed unlikely to most. And now, we've learned the big change in light of the final chapter.

The whole situation was made clear when Attack on Titan pushed forward chapter 139. The epic ending confirmed a major death not long before fans were given an update on the Titans. It turns out the Titan Curse has been broken at last, and the Eldians are free of the terrible power hanging over them.

Attack On Titan Titans AR
(Photo: Wit Studio)

Armin is the one who confirms the curse is done when he awakens from a conversation with Eren in the Paths. When Mikasa shows up, he admits to remembering his chat with Eren, and he told the heroine her decision to free Ymir through Eren's death brought freedom to all.

"The result of your choice would make the Power of the Titans vanish from the face of this world," Armin shared.

Now, it seems like the Titan Curse is gone for good as Ymir was the progenitor of all Titans. Her offspring can no longer propagate including the Power Titans. This means Armin and Reiner are freed from their cursed lives along with Annie, but that's not all. Any regular Titan who was made from an Eldian has returned to normal, so Connie's family is back at last.


This overarching change is a huge one, and it came at great cost. Eren sacrificed over half of humanity to his genocidal cause, and Mikasa was forced to kill the man she loved. Her terrible fate freed Ymir from her own personal hell after she was unable to treat her husband similarly decades ago. And now, Mikasa must find a new purpose in life as this new world without titans grows.

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