Viral Avatar: Legend of Korra Live-Action Fan Film Footage Shows Off Mind-Bending Special Effects

The world of live-action and Avatar The Last Airbender, and its sequel series of The Legend of Korra, have had a difficult history with one another, with the much-maligned M. Night Shyamalan adaptation still being discussed to this day and the current Netflix series in the works filled with its own drama. However, this isn't to say that every live-action excursion into the world of bending is wrought with drama, as a new clip of an upcoming fan project has gone viral by amazingly displaying how benders would look in the real world in preparation of a fan-made short film.

Originally, Netflix's live-action television series was set to have the creators of the original series of Avatar The Last Airbender on board in Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko. However, thanks to "creative differences," the creators split ways with the streaming service and their newest take on the world of Aang and his friends attempting to stop the advances of the Fire Nation who were seeking to take over the world. While rumors have been floating about numerous changes being made to this upcoming adaptation, there have been few official updates into how Netflix is moving forward with the new series, especially in light of Paramount vowing to return to the world of bending with a new animation studio dubbed "Avatar Studio,"

Reddit User Joey De Guzzy shared this new take on the world of bending from both Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, mimicking the opening sequence for the original series with live-action actors that could mimic the move set of the benders while using some computer-generated animation to exhibit their elemental powers:

Though the first two animated bending series came to an end years ago on Nickelodeon, they managed to continue via graphic novel sequels that further explored Aang, Korra, and their friends as their respective journeys continued. While there has been no word on what the stories will be for the projects that will emerge out of Avatar Studios, fans of the world of bending have been waiting for some time to revisit the benders.


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