Avatar The Last Airbender Returns To The Beach With Azula Cosplay

Avatar The Last Airbender blew fans' minds when it was announced earlier this year that the world [...]

Avatar The Last Airbender blew fans' minds when it was announced earlier this year that the world of Aang would be returning in the future with new animated projects, but one cosplayer has managed to revisit the series before the new projects arrive with a unique take on Azula's beach attire. "The Beach" is often considered to be one of the best episodes of the series, not so much because of the action in it, which is slim, but thanks to the character development of the denizens of the Fire Nation that attempt to have a peaceful day by the ocean.

Prince Zuko is one of the most complicated characters introduced in Avatar, being banished from the Fire Nation and tasked with capturing Aang to win back his place in the royal family, but his sister was pretty much an open book, reveling in her evil. With Azula first introduced as attempting to drag her brother back to their homeland, her involvement causes Zuko to return to his villainous ways at the end of the second season. The Beach episode of Avatar The Last Airbender has Azula, her friends, and Zuko attempting to hash out their differences while learning more about one another next to a fire.

Instagram Cosplayer Kira Kelly shared this new interpretation of Azula's beach look, which didn't temper her harsh personality at all as the Princess of the Fire Nation showed off her terrifying bending skills while her friends were simply attempting to take in some sun by the sea:

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While no one yet knows whether Azula will be returning in the future with these upcoming Avatar The Last Airbender series coming down the pike, she was able to survive her final fight against both Zuko and Katara in the finale of the animated show. While the finale of the animated series saw her in chains, she had a continued presence via the graphic novel sequels that continued the story of the world of bending and didn't change her villainous ways in the slightest.

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