Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Hits The Beach With Ty Lee

Perhaps one of the most beloved episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender was "The Beach", an episode in the third season of the fan favorite series which saw the young antagonists of the Fire Nation taking a day and night on the beach to reveal more about each of their characters, and one cosplayer has brought back the look of Ty Lee using some ingenious cosplay! Lee, who was a villain of the series who acted as one of entourage of Zuko's sister, Azula, wasn't able to bend but brought some interesting tactics to the table all the same.

Ty Lee's bubbly personality hid some insanely deadly techniques, using her acrobatic skills and nerve point techniques to help take down some of the strongest benders that she would encounter. Lee's skills were so influential, that they became the basis for the rebellion led by the antagonist of Amon during the first season of The Legend of Korra, as those fighting against bending would us a number of her techniques against benders. While Lee wasn't as "diagnosed" during the Beach episode as the likes of Zuko and Azula, it showed off the stark difference of her personality with her friends that were attempting to eliminate the Avatar and the rest of the Aang Gang.

Instagram Cosplayer Eubichan shared this impressive take on Ty Lee's beach look, making the addition to Azula's entourage a sought after person on the sands when a number of Fire Nation boys had seen her make her grand entrance:

Though Ty Lee was never "paired off" with another character during the series, she did hold a crush on Sokka, making for some awkward situations throughout the last two seasons of the series. Her personality was definitely a stark contrast to both Azula and Mai's, who would often be wet blankets when it came to having any fun during their mission that would put them into conflict with Aang and his friends time and time against throughout the popular Nickelodeon series.

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