Berserk Fan Artist Depicts Life Like Guts

The world of Berserk has been running since the 1980s, with the manga created by Kintaro Miura, allowing fans to create some serious efforts to add their takes on the black swordsman and the demonic universe that he struggles with as one fan artist has given us an insanely life like take on Guts! Berserk has been a fan favorite franchise amongst the anime community, and while the recent anime series were received with a serious mixed reception, the manga story continued to march along and is hinting that the long awaited finale is in the works!

Guts has had a difficult life, perhaps one of the most difficult lives in the history of anime characters. With his mother dying while hanging from a tree, the young baby was adopted by a band of mercenaries and lived a life where all he knew was war. Over the course of Berserk, we have followed the future "black swordsman" as he found a home among the soldiers known as the Band of Hawk, while ultimately being betrayed as the leader Griffith sold their lives in order to gain demonic power. With Guts finding a new group to travel along with, his quest for revenge continues and the manga is hinting that the end game of the series might be in play.

Reddit User Ser_Rep shared this stunningly life like fan art of Guts from Berserk by artist David Muller, perfectly capturing the despair and toughness that the character has felt throughout the years during his time as a soldier fighting both the mortal world and the supernatural one:

The Black Swordsman by David Muller (Fanart) [707x1000] from r/Berserk

The latest chapters of Berserk's manga, as fans following the series might know, has put Guts into a rather awkward situation wherein he has to weigh the idea of getting revenge versus the good that Griffith is doing for the world by using his power as the newest member of the Godhand to unite the worlds of mankind and demons under one flag. With the manga often seeing a number of delays and some fans having waited decades to see the story come to a close, many fans definitely can have this weary look on their faces that Guts has when it comes to awaiting what will happen to all the characters of the bloody anime series!

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