Black Clover Reveals What Happened to Nacht's Brother

Black Clover's newest chapter revealed what happened to Nacht's brother! Nacht was one of the most [...]

Black Clover's newest chapter revealed what happened to Nacht's brother! Nacht was one of the most curious additions to the series following the first string of fights against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and things had only gotten more mysterious for him as the fights against them continued on. With the recent chapters of the series, the series has begun to reveal even more about the devils in the underworld than ever before. At the same time, surprisingly, the series has also begun digging more into Nacht's past as he's closely tied with these same devils.

Teasing the fact he had a brother working with the Magic Knights in the past before he became a member of the Black Bulls, the series revealed that Nacht actually had a twin brother named Morgen who looked exactly like the way he does now. It seems that ties into Nacht's current look as unfortunately the newest chapter of the series revealed that Nacht's brother had lost his life trying to save Nacht from the power of the Supreme Devil.

Black Clover Nacht Brother Morgen Death What Happened Explained Spoilers
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Chapter 286 of the series continues to build on Nacht's past with his twin brother Morgen, and revealed that he was basically the opposite of Nacht in every way. Not only did that include his magical attribute (Light to Nacht's Darkness), Morgen was not fit to inherit the Faust family's rite. It's soon revealed that the Faust family is a group of devil worshippers to offer themselves as hosts to the devils, and Nacht ends up trying to summon the strongest one.

When the Supreme Devil begins to unleash itself, it's dark magic kills the rest of Nacht's family. Nacht was frozen by fear and thus unable to stop this summoning himself. Morgen then jumps in and stops the ritual, but loses his life in the process. With Morgen's final breath, he reveals that his dream was to fight in the magic knights alongside his brother and Nacht breaks down in tears.

Completely hopeless, Nacht then realizes this was his own doing. Loving his brother, it seems like he had then taken on Morgen's look and role within the Magic Knights. There are still some gaps left to fill in as to how Nacht eventually gets where he is in the current time, but these looks into his past and the fate of his brother paint a much more full picture of the mysterious newbie than ever before.

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