Haikyuu Meets K-pop in New Together x Tomorrow Music Video

Haikyuu has kept fans waiting on edge for its fourth season to return, and that time has almost come. The sports anime is slated to make its return this fall as the Karasuno Volleyball team prepares to take on their hardest match yet. Of course, the comeback calls for a new theme song, and fans can listen to the new track thanks to a new K-pop music video.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment released its full MV for "Drama", the new theme song for Haikyuu. The track is done by TXT, who is otherwise known as Together x Tomorrow, and the cute reel highlights all of the members while paying homage to the anime's star players.

You can find the music video above in all of its upbeat glory. The video begins with the members of TXT hanging out together, but one of them looks out of place in a big way. This isolation continues through the end of the video, and it will have fans feeling bad for the odd man out. The visual has also worried fans about what will happen in the remainder of season four as no player is ever left behind by Karasuno. But as a way to lighten things up, the members are seen dancing in several scenes all while donning Karasuno uniforms!

haikyuu txt
(Photo: Big Hit Entertainment)

As for the track itself, the music is snappy with a catchy chorus. The team at Big Hit Entertainment outdid itself with the arrangement, and its Japanese lyrics flow well. "Drama" is not only an excellent track for TXT to have under its belt, but its theme song quality is undeniable.


As for when fans can see this theme song on TV, it will join Haikyuu season four shortly. The show is slated for an October midseason premiere, but K-pop fans can go ahead and stream this MV now to hype the anime and TXT all in one go.

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