New Bleach Series Will Team Anime's Top Composers For the First Time

Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Society will return to the small screen in only a few weeks, as Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War remains a major player in the fall anime season. With the original animators at Studio Pierrot returning for the shonen franchise's comeback, it would seem that two major composers within the anime industry are uniting for the first time to help in Bleach's new series. 

The new upcoming season of Bleach will see anime legends Shiro Sagisu and Hiroyuki Sawano teaming up to help tell the story of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, the original series finale of the Shonen franchise. While Tite Kubo would eventually return to pen a new installment last year that saw Ichigo and the Soul Society years after the conclusion of this arc, many anime fans believed that the franchise would never return to either the pages of the manga or the small screen. With Studio Pierrot returning to animate the new season that will pit our favorite soul reapers against the terrifying power of the Quincies, the series will be simulcast, helping to put many North American fans' minds at ease.

So what have Sagisu and Sawano been responsible for in their past works? Specifically, anime fans might know Shiro Sagisu best for his work on series such as Berserk, the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series, Shin Godzilla, and a handful of Bleach feature-length films. On the flip side, Hiroyuki Sawano has worked on some heavy hitters within the anime realm including Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins, Promare, Kill la Kill, and Mobile Suit: Gundam Unicorn to name a few. The crossover between these two titans in the world of anime music is a great sign for fans of Bleach.

Currently, there hasn't been a confirmation that Bleach will return to Shonen Jump with new chapters in the future and/or if the anime will continue following the conclusion of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, though things are looking good for fans of the Soul Society.

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Via Shonen Leaks