Bleach Cosplay Portrays the Cutest Arrancar In Nel

The Arrancar made for an interesting foil to both Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Society in the latter half of the anime of Bleach, and perhaps one of the fan favorites among them was definitely Nel, the warrior who would shift between a child like form and her older adult self who was infatuated with the protagonist of the series. With the series set to return in the medium of anime with the upcoming Thousand Year War Blood Arc and the spin off series of Bleach: Burn The Witch, fans can expect Nelliel to once again make an appearance in the anime's future.

The Arrancar were somewhat similar to members of the Soul Society, but acted as warriors on the other side of the coin, removing their Hollow masks and becoming supernatural beings that find themselves looking to disrupt the world of the afterlife. Created by the villain Aizen, not all of the Arrancar were evil, creating a group of antagonists that were as interesting in their personalities as they were in their designs and powers. Nel specifically was a fan favorite thanks to her bouncy and uplifting attitude, which couldn't be found among her companions in this strange cadre of warriors.

Instagram Cosplayer SatiellaCosplay shared this impressive pitch perfect interpretation of Nel from Bleach, striding across the sands in her adult form, prepping for her upcoming arrival in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc once the anime returns:

We have yet to get a confirmed release date for either the return of the main Bleach anime or the spin off series, fans of the series that has been on hiatus for quite some time can't wait to once again dive into the world of Ichigo and the Soul Society, which has continued telling its story through mediums such as mobile games and light novels.

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