Bleach Cosplay Takes on Nelliel's Thousand-Year Blood War Makeover

One Bleach cosplay has taken on Nelliel's Thousand-Year Blood War makeover! One of the major reasons Bleach fans have been asking for the anime to return to finally adapt the final arc of Tite Kubo's original manga series was seeing all of the cool makeovers each of the fan favorites had gone through for the climactic battle of the series. The original anime run of the series was tragically cut short before the final saga of the series could get its proper due, and that means characters like Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck didn't get their final outing.

Nelliel is one of the many fan favorites who returns during the final saga of the series with a brand new look (and abilities to match), and this makeover was a pretty big hit with fans when she first made her return during the Thousand-Year Blood War arc way back when. Now artist Indra Rojas has brought this look back to the spotlight on Instagram, and it's a great reminder as to why this form needs to make it to anime as soon as possible! Check it out below:

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Good thing fans will actually be able to see the Thousand-Year Blood War arc in action some time soon. Surprising fans last year, it was announced that Bleach would be officially coming back to finally adapt the final arc of the series. It was announced for a release some time in 2021, but we have yet to get any major update on this release since that initial announcement. While the new anime is tentatively scheduled for a release this year, any of the complications from the last year could throw a wrench into those plans.

But Bleach fans have been holding out hope for years without any anime on the horizon, so surely the wait for the actual confirmed return of the franchise will not be as difficult. Then again it also means that we'll have to wait that much longer to see characters like Nelliel again. At least this new form has come to life through cosplay! But what do you think?


Excited to see Nelliel in action again when Bleach's anime finally returns? Which characters are you most excited to see in action again in the new anime? Which moments do you want to see the most? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!