Naruto Tests Sasuke's Deadly Vow to Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has seen some drastic things happen in the manga's Isshiki [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has seen some drastic things happen in the manga's Isshiki Otsutsuki arc, and just when we thought the threat was over after Isshiki's defeat and demise, a new Otsutsuki immediately presented itself. Momoshiki's dark essence took control of Boruto's body and launched a vicious sneak-attack on Naruto, Sasuke, and Kawaki. In Boruto Chapter 54 that deadly gets taken to such extremes that put Sasuke up against the dark vow he made to his student, Boruto before they ever jumped into battle against Isshiki. That vow? To sacrifice Boruto's life if Momoshiki ever tries to use him to harm his friends and family!

Warning: Boruto Chapter 54 SPOILERS Follow!

Momoshiki actually targets Sasuke first during his surprise attack, striking the Shadow Hokage in the left eye with a dagger. That strike takes out Sasuke's Rinnegan and Space/Time jutsu abilities, stranding the group in the dimension where they defeated Isshiki. Naruto is still down, out, and dying from manifesting his Baryon Mode, so it's up to Sasuke and Kawaki to mount an attack on Momoshiki-Boruto.

The Otsutsuki proves to be more formidable than both Sasuke and Kawaki's combined (but waning) strength. Momoshiki uses the duel to try and get into Sasuke's head, asking the shinobi if he would really go so far as to kill his favorite students. That's when we get a flashback to the scene where Sasuke made a vow to Boruto: "Don't worry. I swear to stop you with all my strength. Even if I have to kill you." That memory lets Sasuke find his resolve, as he assures Momoshiki that he will do the unthinkable, "If I must. Because I'm his teacher."

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Sasuke stays true to his word and goes all-out with fireball attacks against Momoshiki. It turns out to be a good thing that Sasuke is willing to hold to his dark vow; in using such powerful attacks against Momoshiki, Sasuke is able to discern the villain's weakness: he can't absorb chakra. It turns out that Momoshiki's possession takes hold when Boruto is depleted of chakra; the Otsutsuki's usual defense of absorbing chakra attacks would only restore Boruto's control over his body.

In the end, Sasuke's vow isn't the key to defeating Momoshiki - it's Kawaki's willingness to die that does. Since Kawaki is key to Momoshiki's plans for world domination, the villain can't let the boy die. So when Kawaki uses a fire attack on his own body, Momoshiki has to absorb it to save him.

This chapter of Boruto makes it clear that Sasuke may not actually be able to live up to his vow, should Boruto lose control again one day. In fact, Bortuo's dark other half may end up being the reason Sasuke ultimately falls.

Boruto releases new chapters of the manga Free Online. The Anime is currently into the Ao arc from the manga.