Boruto Hints at Delta's Fate in New Promo

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has just concluded another fight between Hidden Leaf's heroic shinobi and the forces of the Kara Organization. After Naruto took in Kawaki - the appointed "vessel" of Kara's leader Jigen - Kara has responded by sending some of its elite "Inners" to Konohagakure in order to track down and retrieve the boy. The masked man "Koji Kashin" has infiltrated Hidden Leaf (by mysteriously being able to walk right through it chakra detectors) but has simply chosen to observe Kawaki (for now). However, the psychotic Delta grew impatient with waiting and used her remote drone to infiltrate the village and locate Kawaki.

Once Delta found her target, she made a hard beeline to re-acquire Kawaki, but there was one (big) obstacle in her way: Naruto. Even with all his power, Naruto was nearly undone by Delta's ruthlessness: the Kara Inner used Himawari as a human target to force Naruto to take a blast from her destructive beams. Only Kawaki's intervention saved Naruto and Himawari - at the cost of Kawaki's entire right arm.

In Boruto's latest episode "Overload" the battle between Naruto and Delta enters its final stage, as using children as targets makes Naruto go all out to take Delta down. Using increasingly powerful Rasengans, Naruto overloads Delta's chakra-absorbing technology and then blasts the villain into defeat. However, when Naruto tries to take Delta prisoner, her cyborg body explodes.

It would seem Delta is good and dead... or does it?

As you can see in the promo for Boruto's 200th episode, one trace of Delta is still very much active: her remote drone. The drone is teased making the journey back to Kara's headquarters, where it connects to some kind of mausoleum-looking module in Amado's workshop.


Delta clearly was connected to the drone through some kind of cybernetic mental link; if she could "see" through it, it's also possible that she could "upload" herself to it, before putting her physical body into self-destruct mode. The more we learn about Kara, the more we see just how advanced this Kara technology is. The evil organization has transformed Kawaki's entire body into a Scientific Ninja Tool, and the combat abilities of its agents like Garou and Delta are second to no other kind of warrior we've seen - except Naruto and Sasuke. Similarly in this episode, we get teases of the regenerative process that keeps Kara leader Jigen alive - if Delta's essence is alive in her drone, you can probably bet that Kara and Amado have a way of "downloading" her to a new body.

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