Naruto Clip Proves Boruto Can Be as Aggressive as Sasuke Uchiha

Boruto Uzumaki has just about everything working in his favor when it comes to being a ninja. He has his father's tenacity that pairs with his mom's gentle empathy. In a turn of events, the eldest Uzumaki is seen as a prodigy by some, and it seems he has another trait aiding him. After all, Boruto trains under Sasuke Uchiha, and he learned some aggressive negotiation tactics from the older man.

The most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations proved as much with a little clip. Fans spent the episode watching Boruto as the boy tried to get information. As you can imagine, the ninja ran into some issues on his mission, but he did not let himself be intimidated to the point of giving up.

You can see the clip below that fans say reminds them of Sasuke. The brief reel follows Boruto as he is confronted by two muscle-bound men. The grown adults look terrifying given their matching tattoos and building muscles. Still, Boruto knows size means nothing when it comes to fighting technique, and Sasuke is the person who surely taught him that.

The two beefy guards go down easily, and Boruto is none too gentle with them. By the time he reaches their commander, the sleazy man has Boruto's knife to his throat, and the ninja is no longer asking for information; He is demanding it this time around. As you can imagine, this sleek move is one that Sasuke would approve of given its short-tempered trigger, and there's no doubt Boruto would've made Sarada flush if she had seen it firsthand.

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