Boruto Debuts New Still From Episode 202

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently telling the story of the Vessel Kawaki as he attempts to integrate into both the Hidden Leaf Village and the Uzumaki Clan, but it seems as if the Kara Organization is far from leaving the anime series any time soon. With a new image focusing on Kara's deadly cult leader, Boro, it seems that Team 7 is going to have some serious challenges on the road ahead, even with the Seventh Hokage managing to defeat Delta in a one-on-one battle to the death.

Boro is the most physically imposing member of Kara, and while anime fans have yet to see him in action as of the latest episode of the anime series, manga fans know that the battle he eventually has with the ninjas of Konoha is definitely one of the biggest of the sequel series to date. In a recent clip released from the upcoming episode, we witness how Boro is able to captivate an audience, hinting that the followers of Kara are hoping that the organization will be able to create the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The technique was originally the ultimate goal of both Obito and Madara Uchiha in Naruto: Shippuden, attempting to place the entire ninja world into an illusion under their control, and it seems as though it's an idea that Kara is quite interested in.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared this new image from the next episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which will feature Boro once again addressing his devoted followers as the Kara Organization continues to attempt to sink its claws into Kawaki:

One of the biggest events that are set to take place in the future of Boruto's anime is the arrival of Jigen, the leader of the Kara Organization who is the most powerful antagonist that Konoha has faced down to date. Though Naruto was able to defeat Delta in their head-to-head battle, it seems as if the Seventh Hokage, Team 7, and the other denizens of Konoha will have quite a number of battles on their hands as Masashi Kishimoto's anime adaptation continues.


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