Castlevania Cosplay Features A Vampire Villainess In Lenore

Fans of the world of the Belmont Clan were ecstatic to see that a fourth season of Netflix's original anime series, Castlevania, and one fan has honored one of the creepiest vampires in the third season of the franchise in the sister of Carmilla, Lenore. With the vampire antagonist spending most of the season attempting to trick the devil forger Hector into making demonic forces for their attempted take over of a world that no longer has Dracula ruling over the world of the dead, following Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard killing the king of the vampires once and for all!

With Dracula now out of the picture in the animated series of Castlevania, the world of vampires and their hunters changed astronomically, as various forces of darkness attempted to take control within this new power vacuum. Carmilla, who had worked beneath Dracula in the prior seasons, was joined by her sisters in attempting to use the power of Hector to build an army for themselves to take over the world not to exterminate humanity, but rather, to raise the remainder of man kind as cattle to help satiate their blood lust. As fans of the series know, Dracula had very different ideas in mind, simply wanting to put an end to humanity following the death of his wife at the hands of religious zealots.

Instagram Cosplayer Cherise Cosplay shared this amazingly dead on interpretation of the sister of Carmilla, mostly known for using her keen intellect and seductive ways to wrap Hector around her finger and ultimately "bring him to heel" in order to give the sisters the forces they need to take the world themselves:

While the first images of Castlevania's fourth season have landed, details about the story of the upcoming installments are still a mystery, though we'd definitely be willing to bet that Lenore and her sisters will have big roles to play in the next episodes of one of Netflix's most popular series!

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