Lady Gaga Enters The World Of Castlevania With This Supernatural Makeover

Castlevania isn't just one of the biggest video game franchises to be released, but has also become one of Netflix's biggest animated series that has been released in recent years, and one fan has decided to merge one of the series most wicked characters with that of the pop star known as Lady Gaga! Giving the rock star a makeover that gives her the aesthetic of the villainous Carmilla, one of the major antagonists of the anime, Lady Gaga most assuredly fits well into the world of creatures that go bump in the night!

The fourth season of Castlevania has been confirmed, following the third season that split the heroes of the series across the world after the death of Dracula. While we don't have a release date, you can definitely expect Carmilla and her sisters to have a major role in the next season of the award winning series, considering that season three built toward these vampire sisters being a major threat in a world where the king of the vampires no longer exists. Lady Gaga herself would make a fine addition to the world of Castlevania considering she is no stranger to the world of horror, even playing a vampire herself in the popular live action series released by FX in American Horror Story!

Twitter Artist Carlos Gzz shared this amazing take on what it would look like if Lady Gaga were to abandon her status as one of the biggest pop stars in the world and instead take up the title of "Queen of the Vampires" by taking on the aesthetic of Carmilla from Castlevania's Netflix series:

The third season of Netflix's original series came to an end with Carmilla and her sisters acquiring the power of Hector, the devil maker, who was under their sway in creating a new army for them, hitning that the trio might be the biggest threat to Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard when the popular animated series finally makes its big return to the streaming service!


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