Castlevania Cracks The Whip With Trevor Belmont Cosplay

Castlevania's third season on Netflix was one of the most popular original releases for the [...]

Castlevania's third season on Netflix was one of the most popular original releases for the streaming service, with the anime already confirmed for a fourth season that will continue following the journeys of some of our favorite vampire hunters, and one cosplayer has brought Trevor Belmont to life. The Belmont clan has long been the protagonists of the vampire hunting franchise, with numerous video games following the likes of Trevor, Simon, Richter, and Christopher across countless platforms. With this latest cosplay, a fan has done an amazing job of bringing the crass warrior to life.

In the third season of Castlevania, we got to see Trevor and his friends dealing with a world that no longer has Dracula attempting to murder mankind as revenge for the death of his wife. With Trevor and Sypha finding their way to an outpost that has more going on underneath the surface, the pair of romantically linked protagonists had to do their best to not only stop the resurrection of the vampire king, but also put an end to a scheme that was attempting to open the gates of hell. Powerhouse Studio perfectly animated Trevor and company this time around, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for the future of the franchise.

Instagram Cosplayer Dan Ballestero shared this pitch perfect interpretation of the member of the Belmont clan who takes center stage in all three seasons of Netflix's popular anime series that has a fourth season on the way to the streaming service:

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