Chainsaw Man Cosplay Images a Denji/Katana Man Rematch

Chainsaw Man Cosplay gives fans of the bloody manga a Denji rematch with the Katana Man.

Chainsaw Man has fought his fair share of villains in his time as a devil hunter, but one of the most memorable was a darker shade of Denji in the Katana Man. Arguably the biggest antagonist of the anime adaptation's first season, the Katana Man was much like Denji in that he was a human who was able to transform into a devil. With the battle between the devils Chainsaw and Katana being one of the stand-outs of season one, two cosplayers have placed the two enemies in front of one another once again.

Katana Man's background placed him on a collision course with Denji, as the "weapon" was the son of the mobster that had placed the Chainsaw Man into a state of servitude to pay off his father's debts. Helping to launch an offensive against Denji, Makima, and several of the devil hunters, some major characters died in the wake of the Katana Man's assault. Ultimately, Denji was able to defeat his sword-faced opponent, with the titular character and Aki having the opportunity to get revenge for their fallen comrades in one of the most hilarious ways possible to place a crescendo on season one.

Chainsaw x Katana Cosplay

Katana Man might be in the clutches of the Public Safety Commission, but he does have a place in the future of the anime adaptation if MAPPA's production continues to follow the manga's storyline. Without diving too deeply into spoiler territory for the manga, Chainsaw Man might be setting the stage for the Katana Man to make a comeback. As Denji struggles with the Chainsaw Man Church and is set to encounter "The Weapons", creator Tatsuki Fujimoto doesn't seem to be pumping the brakes on the series any time soon.

Currently, Studio MAPPA has yet to confirm if a second season of Chainsaw Man's anime series is on the horizon. Considering the groundswell for the initial outing and how much is left to adapt from the bloody manga, Denji's adventures would continue to work quite well on the small screen. 

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