Chainsaw Man Finally Shows Off the Makima Fight Fans Were Waiting For

Chainsaw Man has finally given us the fight with between Denji and Makima that fans have been waiting for! The latest few chapters of Tatsuki Fujimoto's series have taken things to an apocalyptic new level as it was revealed that Makima had been manipulating Denji from the very beginning in order to draw out the "true" form of Chainsaw Man within him. While Denji had previously fought Makima, and even killed her briefly, the previous cliffhanger of the series set up a whole new kind of fight for the two of them as Denji now has his sense of self back.

The previous chapter of the series saw Denji make a major declaration to himself as he accepted his role as Chainsaw Man, and saw him take a stand against Makima. With Chapter 95 of the series picking up right after their initial confrontation, the series is now showing a Makima going all out in a fight like fans have been asking for.

The newest chapter picks up with Makima feeding more of her blood to Denji in the hopes of bringing back his full Chainsaw Man form, but she finds that this no longer works as Denji decapitates him. This doesn't impact her, however, due to all of the people she has under her control that can take these fatal blows for her. So the fight continues unabated as Makima blocks and even counters Denji's chainsaw blades with her bare hands.

Chainsaw Man Makima Fight Chapter 95 Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

None of Denji's attacks seem to take effect as each of his deadly blows is instead absorbed by Makima's hostages. She maintains a blank expression, and even rips out the small Pochita core still within Denji. She wants to still summon the full Chainsaw Man from within Denji, and hates how Denji has ruined her vision of the chaotic monster that she believes in. The chapter then ends on one of its bloodiest cliffhangers yet.

Still seeing Denji as defiant as he is, she pulls out the Pochita core within him and rips out all of his organs. Makima stands about Denji seemingly victorious as Chapter 95 comes to an end, but if the series' past is any indication, no character has truly died until it has been explicitly stated in the dialogue itself. And then sometimes not even that, so Denji's probably getting ready for a comeback.


What did you think of this fight between Denji and Makima? Was it all that you were hoping for, Chainsaw Man fans? How can Denji even defeat her once and for all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!