Demon Slayer's Movie Confirms Another Global Release Date

Demon Slayer has kept much of the anime fandom living on a prayer, and that is all because of its [...]

Demon Slayer has kept much of the anime fandom living on a prayer, and that is all because of its first movie. If you did not know, the anime stepped into theaters for the first time last October, and its movie debut has been an unmitigated hit. At this point, the movie has already become the top-grossing in all of Japan, and it seems another global release date has been scheduled for the feature.

Just, don't get too excited if you are living stateside. The new global release goes to Australia for any locals reading this. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train will debut overseas on February 25 much like the rumors suggested.

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Currently, tickets are available for pre-sale through Hoyts theater chain. The movie is expected to go live at the end of this month in Australia, but that isn't all! Demon Slayer is eyeing a release in New Zealand on the same day.

For fans outside of Japan and Australia, your time will come. Demon Slayer has already been released in markets like South Korea and Taiwan. The film has performed extremely well in those areas, so expectations are high for turnout with Western fans. But at this point, there is no word on when Demon Slayer will debut in North America or Europe.

Last year, a report went live confirming plans to bring Demon Slayer to theaters in America, and the film was expected to arrive in early 2021. However, as we know by now, the pandemic has complicated the matter. A great many theaters are shut down around the country given the infection rate of COVID-19. While numbers are in a gradual decline, the pandemic's landscape is not yet under control. It might be a while before Demon Slayer can get into theaters here, but fans need to check out the movie soon! After all, a second season is set to debut later this year, and it will pick up where the film left off

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