New Sony Commercial Shouts Out Demon Slayer's Theme Song

Demon Slayer's first season became the most popular anime debut last year, going so far as to even surpass the Shonen juggernaut known as One Piece when it came to overall manga sales, and one aspect of the series that can certainly be attributed to that is its catchy opening theme and the song "Gurange" by LiSA has been featured prominently in a commercial for Sony! In promoting their latest headphones, Sony decided to feature the record shattering song front and center within the commercial itself, proving just how catchy the opening theme to the adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko is!

The opening theme for Demon Slayer's first season has already broke a number of records, with the song being downloaded over one million times world wide, giving fans a great summary of the series itself. Though the second season has yet to be confirmed for the anime, we would imagine that LiSA will once again be asked to return in creating a new opening theme for the further adventures of the demon slayer corps and their bid to free the world of the influence of the flesh eating demons. With the feature length film of the series set to continue the story by following the manga story line of the "Mugen Train", fans are anticipating the arrival of the delayed next chapter of Tanjiro and his demonic influenced sister, Nezuko.

Demon Slayer
(Photo: Ufotable)

LiSA had spoke about the difference between performing the song live and recording it in a studio for Sony's Youtube channel late last year:

"I think the biggest difference between a live performance and a recording is the presence or absence of the audience. In a live performance, I can feel the heat of the audience and the floor, and try out the feel of the temperature myself, but in a recording session or this kind of one-take session, I strongly feel like, 'I only get one chance to succeed.' and 'I have to sing properly.' I get really nervous because I have to concentrate on my own singing and be aware that the people listening and watching me will be also sensitive about my performance."


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