Demon Slayer Artist Comments on 'Mugen Train' Work

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train has been shattering records since releasing into Japanese theaters days ago, featuring a new adventure of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their demon hunting friends as they do battle aboard a mysterious locomotive, and one of the animators gave their thoughts about being a part of the film along with a particular character that they most enjoyed drawing. While a North American release for the film has yet to receive a solid release date, with Mugen Train set to drop next year, fans are still highly anticipating seeing this next chapter of the Demon Slayer anime!

Ironically enough, Demon Slayer's manga has come to an end, tapering off the adventure of Tanjiro and Nezuko and bringing the series to a worthy close. Even with the manga's story coming to a close, there is still plenty of material for the anime to adapt when all is said and done, with many believing that following the success of the film in Japan, an announcement by studio Ufotable will confirm the second season of the insanely popular anime for the Shonen series. With the film shattering records in Japan, it's clear that even though the story is over, fans are still excited to see new anime projects for the popular Shonen series of Demon Slayer!

Demon Slayer Artist Ken Arto shared how he felt in participating in the movie's animation, noting that he especially had fun when it came to animating the pig-headed swordsman who has more than a few moments where the spotlight is focused on him during the protagonists' battles aboard the Mugen Train:

Inosuke is definitely a fan favorite character, wearing a pig mask to match his insanely uncontrollable personality and temperament and brandishing two of the most unique swords in the series!

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