Demon Slayer Cosplay Shows The Human Side Of Nezuko

Demon Slayer is set to release its first feature length film in Japan next month, focusing not just on Tanjiro as he attempts to rid the world of demons, but his sister Nezuko as well and one cosplayer has managed to create cosplay that truly honors the young girl who is currently struggling with her inner demons. Joining her brother on his quest, Nezuko is looking for a cure for her demonic influence that is rampaging inside of her body, but is putting her powers as a demon to good use in eliminating monsters rampaging across the country side!

The first season ended with Nezuko helping her brother out big time against the Spider Clan, a group of demons whose aesthetic for arachnids, learning new ways to utilize her massive strength as a demon. The sister of Tanjiro has had a rough go of things since the start of the anime franchise, surviving the assault on her family by one of the top demons of the world but ultimately finding herself infected with his demonic DNA. Essentially being touted around like a wild animal, Nezuko is still battling against the demons both her and her brother meet on their journey to clear the world of supernatural influences!

Instagram Cosplayer MIYA shared this impressive cosplay that nails the aesthetic of the sister of the "Demon Slayer", still needing to essentially be "muzzled" should her demonic influence overtake her reasoning and human side:

The second season of Demon Slayer has yet to be confirmed by animation studio of Ufotable, but the story of Nezuko has actually been wrapped in the pages of the franchise's manga. Though this conclusion might be a few years away within the anime itself, fans can witness just how the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko comes to a close! The upcoming Mugen Train feature length film for the white hot anime property will continue the story of the manga following the conclusion of season one!

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