BTS' V Riles Demon Slayer Fans Looking for a Live-Action Muzan

When it comes to Demon Slayer, fans have already come up with their own casts for a live-action romp, and it did not take long for BTS to make the cut. For quite some time, the K-pop group has ruled over the music scene in Asia, and BTS is not shy about their love for anime. That is why fans looked into the band's best possible roles, and it turns out the singer V would make one hell of a Muzan.

Over on Reddit, fans began chatting about the casting choice after the user chimchiminiiee put up a comparison shot of V with Muzan. As you can see below, the pair look eerily similar down to their outfit, and Demon Slayer fans admit the singer pulls off the look.

As you can see below, V (who was born Kim Tae-hyung) is photographed with shiny curled hair. The tendrils frame his face the same way Muzan wears his hair, but that is not all. From their shapely brows to face shape, these two just look alike in every way, even down to the ears!

Guys I think muzan is real 🤣😂 Nah just kidding .. So what do you guys think ? from r/KimetsuNoYaiba

Of course, V can be seen wearing a tan suit with patterned tie and white. undershirt. The outfit which Muzan is wearing is on the darker side, but the suit is the same. The pair pull off the outfit the same thanks to their similar frames, and Demon Slayer fans admit they would be down for this casting.


"Holy crap CAST HIM RIGHT NOW," user zenruchwan wrote. Others added in their support, and it seems like V has become the unofficial spokesman for Demon Slayer casting. If the series ever wants to pursue a live-action adaptation, fans of the anime and K-pop group are going to expect V to at least audition for the role of Muzan.

Do you think Taehyung suits the role? Could he bring Muzan to life on the screen? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!