Demon Slayer Introduces a Terrifying New Demon

Even though Demon Slayer's manga might have wrapped the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko months ago, the creator behind the popular Shonen series created a new chapter following one of the Demon Slayer Corps' strongest members in Rengoku, and with it comes a new demon that is one of the most terrifying to date. The spin-off chapter, which takes a look at Rengoku's first mission as a part of the Corps, is a dark one filled with death and destruction, showing how the series hasn't been afraid to not pull punches during its adventures regardless of who the protagonist is.

The new manga chapter titled "Rengoku Volume 0" shows us a much younger Rengoku, a demon slayer who uses the power of flame to strengthen his attacks, venturing out on his first mission within the corps. Rengoku encounters a new demon in the form of an old man wielding a deadly flute that he uses to incapacitate his foes, unleashing a pair of demon dogs that tear apart anything in their path. As Rengoku's friends lay dead on the ground, the flame wielding swordsman is able to carve out a victory by decapitating the flute playing demon but it goes a long way in showing the young swordsman the danger in being a demon slayer.

Demon Slayer Rengoku New Demon
(Photo: Viz Media)

The spin-off chapter is releasing physical copies of the manga for fans of Japan that will be attending the release of Demon Slayer's first feature length film in theaters with Mugen Train, as they have apparently printed over four million copies. While fans in North America have yet to receive a release date for the film, as well as confirmation as to whether or not this chapter will be released into Western theaters as well, it's clear that the fandom for Demon Slayer is a committed one!

The new film follows the continuing adventures of Tanjiro and company in a story that takes place canonically after the conclusion of the first season, with Rengoku playing a significant role. Though season two of the television series has yet to be confirmed by the studio behind the anime in Ufotable, we would imagine it's only a matter of time until it is confirmed.

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