Demon Slayer Season 2 Reveals Daki's Wicked New Makeover

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has revealed a gnarly new look for Daki with the newest episode of the series! The anime's second season is heating up as it prepares for the climax of the Entertainment District Arc of Koyoharu Gotoge's original manga series, and the final episodes of the season will be nothing but a break neck paced fight between the Demon Slayers against the Upper Six duo of Daki and Gyutaro. But as the fight continues with the newest episode, it becomes immediately clear that the demon siblings have a lot more tricks and powers at their disposal than expected.

Daki has gone through a number of changes in the arc thus far the more she begins to fight against Tanjiro and the others, and there have been some dramatic differences between each of her looks. As teased by the fact that the Upper Six sibling duo was technically holding themselves back in the fight so far, the newest episode of the series gave Daki yet another major upgrade with a horrifying makeover that granted her a third eye at the center of her forehead. Check it out below as spotted by @AhmedRa99502405 on Twitter: 

Episode 8 of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc officially kicks off the final fight of the arc overall as Tanjiro is now fighting Gyutaro alongside Tengen Uzui, and Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma are occupying Daki in a fight right above them. Daki and Gyutaro work as a tandem being, so this not only means that defeating one won't be enough, but their bodies work together in a pretty surprising way as well as Gyutaro essentially gives one of his eyes to his sister so that she can improve her own vision. 

This third eye is said to grant Daki a level of vision where she can perceive and counter every new move coming her way, but the extent of this new ability has yet to be truly revealed in this episode. Inosuke and Zenitsu have just started fighting against the demon, and thus far she has been using her robe to try and take out Tanjiro and Tengen while they fight her brother. It's a very deadly ability that she's unlocked with this extra eye, and goes to show how dangerous this sibling connection truly is. 

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