Demon Slayer Season 2 Just Set Up a Big Manga Spoiler

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has gone and above expectations this year. After dropping a hit film, the series returned at the end of 2021 with season two. The show outdid itself this past week with its penultimate episode of Tengen's massive arc. But rather than focusing on its fights, some fans are a bit stunned by the anime's recent foreshadow to a major manga spoiler.

So you have been warned! There are huge spoilers below for Demon Slayer. Proceed with caution:

Demon Slayer went all out with its new episode, and fans only had to see its fights to see that. Tengen and Tanjiro took down Gyutaro with style, but their fight is not finished just yet. Before the demon was taken down, Tanjiro was able to see just how damned the Upper Rank are, and he uttered some foreboding words.

"But even if I end up turning into a demon," Tanjiro says. "I'm sure that someone in the Demon Slayer Corps will do me the favor of beheading me."

This scene is present in the manga at this point, but Demon Slayer season two just made it into a big deal. Tanjiro's wish is made very clear, and that rung clear with manga readers. After all, the series will later test the theory as Tanjiro is turned into a demon.

Manga readers know the hero is turned into a demon by Muzan, and Tanjiro is brought back to his human self with help from a Hashira. The boy was right to put his faith in the corps, and luckily, he isn't killed in doing so. So if you thought something was up with this recent aside, well – you aren't the only one thinking so. Now we only have to wait until Demon Slayer animates Tanjiro's worst fear, and fans will get to see how accurate his hunch really is. 

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