Digimon Adventure Delays Release of New Digivices

Digimon Adventure's big 20th Anniversary reboot has unfortunately been put on hiatus due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and now it looks like the sale of the brand new Digivice for it has been postponed as a result. According to a new report from With the Will, the pre-order window for the new Digivice has been delayed from its initial release window of June 2nd to June 26th. This delay could be for a number of reasons, but thankfully it does not seem like too huge of a pushback considering many of the latest delays that have been given without a concrete return date.

As With the Will noted in their report, the standby page for the newest Digivice on Premium Bandai's website added the notice that the pre-order window would be delayed a couple of weeks "due to various circumstances." It's not explained in detail as to why the delay was made, but falls in line with many of the other delays of recent weeks.

Digimon Adventure has unfortunately put its reboot on hold indefinitely, and has yet to reveal a date for its potential return. The new series was only three episodes into its brand new run before the delay, and was definitely impressing fans before its hiatus was made official. One of the big shake ups for the new series was this new Digivice, which was a more advanced version than the original in both design and power.

Like the new Digivices seen in the anime, the replica version of the device will flash with the eight DigiDestined colors. We have yet to see it fully in action with the anime, but hopefully that might change soon as Japan begins to open up and continue operations with new guidelines after lifting its state of emergency.


Will you be nabbing one of the new Digivices when you get the chance? How does the Digimon Adventure reboot's new version of the Digivice compare to the older one? Which do you think is the better overall? Which Digimon anime has the best Digivice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

via With the Will

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