Digimon Adventure Titles Tease Long-Awaited Holy Arrival

Digimon Adventure's upcoming episode titles tease a long-awaited holy arrival! Digimon Adventure's newest episode brought the series' next big conflict into focus as now it's been made clear that the DigiDestined line up includes the six warriors who once fought the forces of darkness, but two Holy Digimon that helped increase their powers of light. Fans have already seen the power of one of these Holy Digimon in action with Angemon in the previous episodes, and the newest episode of the series gave us our biggest clue yet as to the other angelic favorite fans have been wanting to see in the new series.

With the new series now making its way through its next major arc bringing the final member of the DigiDestined to the reboot, the episode titles for the next few releases tease that we'll not only be seeing the eighth member confirmed fairly soon but that their ultimate evolution, the fan-favorite Angewomon, will be making a debut even sooner than expected. Read on for details, but major spoilers ahead!

Digimon Angewomon Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As spotted by @Wikimon_news on Twitter, the next few episodes of the series (following Episode 32, airing at the day of this writing) are titled as follows:

  • Episode 32 - Soaring Hope
  • Episode 33 - The Light of Dawn
  • Episode 34 - Hikari and Tailmon
  • Episode 35 - Sparkling Angewomon

Following Episode 31's full tease of Angewomon's eventual debut as part of the DigiDestined lineup, it was then confirmed to Tai that his younger sister Hikari was the final member of the team. Although this was something fans of the older series had known prior, getting a full confirmation like this also excited at the prospect of Angewomon's eventual debut. Now with the direct nature of the titles for the series, it's clear we'll be seeing the fan favorite in Episode 35.

Angewomon remains one of the standouts introduced throughout the franchise overall, so seeing a new take on the Ultimate Digimon will surely be a good thing for nostalgic and new fans alike. Along with the tease that they'll be breaking through to their Mega evolutions as well, and the new Digimon Adventure series seems to be setting up for some game changing episodes.

Are you excited to see Angewomon is coming to the new Digimon Adventure series in the next few episodes? What are you hoping to see in this new take on the fan favorite angel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!