Dragon Ball Fan Theory Reveals Heartbreaking Android 17 Easter Egg

When Android 17 returned to the Dragon Ball franchise in the sequel series of Super, the creation of Dr. Gero was given a serious power boost since his introduction during the Cell Saga, as well as a big new position that one fan has put together a theory that is as realistic as it is heart breaking. 17 has settled down in the latest series created by Akira Toriyama, starting a family and currently working a position as a park ranger, protecting the animals of an island that is unpopulated, save for hunters that are looking to pilfer the beasts for themselves.

Before 17 was brought into the Tournament of Power, we got an inside look into the new life that he has created for himself, with the Android almost not joining Goku and company as he was scared to leave his post for even forty five minutes. As a fan theorist believes, 17's role as a park ranger might be in honor of his departed "brother" in Android 16 who had a deep seated love of animals and was, of course, murdered by Cell that gave Gohan the incentive he needed to become a Super Saiyan 2.

Reddit User Triskingdom shared this heartbreaking Easter Egg that imagines why Android 17 has decided to be a park ranger in honor of his departed brother, continuing his love of the animal kingdom long after his demise at the hands of Dr. Gero's ultimate creation in Cell:

Android 17 is an environmentalist out of respect to his brother 16 from r/dbz

17 is currently fighting alongside his sister against the ancient wizard known as Moro in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, proving to once again be one of the strongest warriors in the roster of the Z Fighters thanks in part to his power level and unique abilities he has as an android. With 17 claiming the title of champion of the Tournament of Power, it's clear that Akira Toriyama definitely holds a place for the Android close to his heart and we would imagine that the fighter has a bright future in the Shonen franchise!

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