New Dragon Ball Heroes Synopsis Teases Janemba's Big Comeback

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been hyping fans of the long running Shonen series up with a new look into the Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4 transformation, but it seems that the spin-off series has more aces up its sleeve as a new synopsis hints at Janemba's big return. While the previously released episode of the anime hinted at Janemba's return, with Dr. W taking energy from the Xeno versions of Goku and Vegeta, it seems that the villain of the twelfth Dragon Ball Z is going to be making a big splash with an updated look.

Janemba, though he has never appeared in the main continuity of the series, appeared at the tail end of the Dragon Ball Z anime, hitting the ground floor running in battling Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form. With Goku and Vegeta failing to defeat Janemba individually, it came down to the two Saiyans performing the fusion dance and battling as Gogeta for the first time to take him down. Though this version of Gogeta was outside of continuity, the fused character would appear in the battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, in the Dragon Ball Super movie where the fusion would gain the new transformation of Super Saiyan Blue.

Twitter User DBSChronicles shared the synopsis for the fifth episode of the second season for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, "Decisive Battle In Hell! A New Janemba" that is set to be released later this month and give us a new interpretation of the demon who brought us our first look into Gogeta:

The current season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced a familiar threat in the form of Fu, the scientist that was born from the Dark Demon Dimension, who has brought back familiar faces from the past of Dragon Ball Z such as Turles, Bojack, and Cooler to add to his army. With the spin-off not being afraid to bring back outside of canon characters into the mix, it will be interesting to see what other villains, or heroes, are brought back in a similar fashion!

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