Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale Is Officially the Franchise's Best Fan-Film Yet

Dragon Ball has been around for years now, and in that time, the franchise has amassed one of the most loyal fanbases in anime. Goku and Vegeta have become mascots for the industry as a whole, and it is hard to imagine how shonen would be without the two. Of course, that means Dragon Ball has earned tons of tributes in its time, but they all pale in comparison to a new one. After all, Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale has been released, and the fan film is just peak Dragon Ball goodness.

Yes, that is a big claim. And yes, we are completely serious. Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale is a must-watch for any Saiyan fan or animation lover in general.

As you can see above, the fan film was released earlier today on YouTube by the team at Studio Stray Dog. The animated project borrows from all parts of Toriyama's classic series as fans follow Vegeta in a world where he oversees his people as king. The royal is called to Earth where Goku is fighting in another tournament after reports come in about Broly's outrageous power levels. And as the movie goes on, well – your jaw will hit the floor once its animation gets going in full.

A project like this is no simple task to see through, and Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale is the perfect love letter to Toriyama's beloved series. From its fluid animation to its blink-and-miss-it choreography, it is hard to think of any tribute that honors Dragon Ball so well. And if you'd like to see more from Studio Stray Dog, you can support the team on Patreon right here.

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As for the main series itself, Dragon Ball has its own anime project in the news right now. Japan premiered Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero last month with great success, and it won't be long before fans overseas get to check out the flick. Crunchyroll will begin rolling out the film in theaters this summer with stateside fans slated for an August release. 

What do you make of this impressive Dragon Ball tribute? Do you think this vision suits Akira Toriyama's classic series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.