Dragon Ball: Could Goku Win in a Rematch Against Jiren Now?

Dragon Ball Super has come a long way in this past year, and fans can't help but wonder how Goku would fair if he were to revisit some former foes in his current state. After all, Goku is more powerful than ever before these days as he managed to master Ultra Instinct at last. The huge milestone has firmly put Goku into god-like territory, but he is not the only person who exists there. Jiren proved his place there a long time ago, but could he beat Goku a second time given the latter's progress?

Well, let's break it down. The question is intriguing given how fundamental of a foe Jiren became. The man is far from a villain, but his place in opposition to Goku at the Tournament of Power made the pair foes. After all, the fate of a universe is a heavy burden, and Jiren used that weight to push him forward in battle.

Goku vs Jiren Rematch Next Dragon Ball Anime Series

In terms of power, Jiren is still a powerhouse. He may not be on the same level as Ultra Instinct Goku, but his strategic prowess can never be overlooked. He also has a strong will and moral compass the powers him in desperate situations. Still, Jiren ended up falling before Goku in the Tournament of Power. The question remains whether the tournament overly restricted Jiren's power as the event had rules to follow.

Given Goku's recent power up, it is hard to imagine the Saiyan losing to Jiren a second time. His power is at a godly level that both Whis and Beerus recognize. Not even Jiren could ignore that fact, and Goku would be able to go all-out as well in a rematch. The Saiyan has even uncovered a new reason to battle in the wake of Merus' death, so Jiren would not be able to win with a moral high ground any longer. But if the Universe 11 trooper has more forms up his sleeve, well - then this rematch would become a lot more interesting!

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