Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Granolah in a DBZ Style

Dragon Ball Super has seen the Z-Fighters battling against rogue Kaioshins, alternate universes, and the return of old foes, but the latest arc of the manga threw in a new wrinkle in the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah and the criminal organization known as the Heeters. With the conclusion of the battle in sight, one fan artist has taken the opportunity to imagine what the last member of the Cerealian Race might have looked like had he arrived years prior to his Super introduction.    

While the Granolah Arc is looking as if it is coming to a close in a few chapters' time, it might be years before we see this battle hit the small screen as Dragon Ball Super has yet to announce when, or if, it will be making a comeback. As it stands, there haven't been any hints of this bounty hunter who briefly was the strongest being in the universe playing a role in this summers Super Hero film and it doesn't appear as if elements such as Ultra Ego and the Heeters will be a part of the Shonen movie either. Regardless, we would imagine that it is only a matter of time before we see Granolah animated by Toei.

Reddit Artist Dreamonto shared this new take on Granolah that imagines him under the original art style of Dragon Ball Z, giving us an idea of what the bounty hunter might have looked like had he encountered the Z-Fighters during the Frieza, Cell, and/or Majin Buu Sagas during the series:

I drew Granola in a DBZ style. from dbz

Currently, there hasn't been any hints as to what storyline will take place following the conclusion of the saga that gave us Granolah and the Heeters, though we have to wonder if the changes that took place in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will play a role. With Gohan and Piccolo specifically undergoing some big makeovers over the course of the film, perhaps the next arc of the manga will focus more on the son of Goku and the strongest Namekian in the universe.

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