Dragon Ball Super Artist Unveils Special Jump Festa Art

Dragon Ball Super is looking to unveil some big announcements for the upcoming Jump Festa [...]

Dragon Ball Super is looking to unveil some big announcements for the upcoming Jump Festa convention, giving us a better idea of the arc taking place after the battle with Moro in the "Granola Arc", and the artist of the manga Toyotaro has shared some special art showing off Ultra Instinct Goku and the nefarious sorcerer of Moro. Many fans of the Dragon Ball series have been crossing their fingers that Jump Fest will announce the return of Dragon Ball Super's anime and we're sure to learn if Toei Animation is planning its comeback shortly!

One of the biggest takeaways from the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga wasn't just Goku learning to fully master the transformation of Ultra Instinct, but also giving Vegeta some brand new tricks thanks in part to his training on the Planet Yardrat. Though we aren't sure when the anime will return, there will be plenty of material to mine with the many battles that took place in the latest chapters of the manga. With Moro being the longest arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga to date, the anime may also adapt the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which introduced the legendary Super Saiyan to the main continuity of the series!

Twitter User Dragon Ball Hype shared the new art from Toyotaro that takes a far more cartoonish take on Ultra Instinct Goku and the ultimate form of Moro, hyping up fans of the Akira Toriyama franchise for Jump Festa 2021 which might have some serious surprises in store:

The Moro Arc ended with Goku being able to defeat Moro with a much-needed assist from Vegeta, who was able to use his new technique of Forced Spirit Fission to inject the Saiyan with the energy of his fellow Z Fighters and the world, including a surprise warrior in Uub. With the next chapter of the manga already teasing previews for its story, it seems that the defeat of Moro will have some ramifications on the lives of the Z Fighters and the galaxy itself.

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