Dragon Ball Cosplay Gives Beerus Fun Fem Twist

One creative Dragon Ball Super cosplay has given Beerus a fun fem twist! Like many of the deities we have seen introduced at crucial points in the franchise, Beerus had changed the series significantly with his and Whis' first arrival in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Not only did Beerus introduce a whole new level of gods and angels to the canon, but this also eventually led to the introduction of an entire multiverse full of powerful new foes and allies that Goku and Vegeta would come to face in the coming Dragon Ball Super.

Beerus made some major changes to the franchise forever, and even to this day with the current arc in the manga series, the God of Destruction continues to be a pivotal character in the story. The Destroyer's unique look already made him stand out from every other deity we had met in the series' canon prior, and now the god has been taken in a somehow even more unique direction. Artist Azura Cosplay has given Beerus a full fem makeover through some amazing cosplay on Instagram, and you can check it out below:

As the series continues to bring Goku and Vegeta further into godhood in terms of their sheer level of strength and new techniques, Beerus and Whis will continue to be some of the most important moving pieces in the story going forward. The two of them had been fairly inactive in terms of actual significant action moving the plot, but they have been a part of the staging for many of the arcs thus far as they are the window into this new realm of power.

This is especially true with the newest Granolah the Survivor arc currently making its way through the manga. Beerus and Whis have begun actively training Goku and Vegeta in different kinds of techniques as the two of them are breaking through into brand new godly powers, so fans have been wondering where exactly it could all go next. But what do you think?

How are you liking Beerus and Whis' more active role in Dragon Ball Super lately? What was your first impression of the Destroyer and Angel when they first debuted? How does it compare to how you view them now? Let us know your thoughts on all things Beerus and Dragon Ball Super in the comments!