Dragon Ball Super's Granolah Arc Finale Delivers One of the Series Best Tag Team Fights Yet

Dragon Ball Super has reached the finale of its long-running Granolah Arc, and the climax delivered one of the best tag-team fights that we've seen in Dragon Ball so far! There have been a lot of moving pieces to this Granolah Arc, which spread its focus beyond Goku and Vegeta to explore deeper history and connections between new franchise characters Granolah, the evil Heeters, and even side characters like Namekian Monaito. There was also a sharp detour into a side-story of how Goku's father Bardock fought this same fight decades before and discovered a new Saiyan power in the process. So did the Granolah Arc finale pull it all together? 

Short answer: yes it did – in spectacular fashion! (SPOILERS!)

The finale of Dragon Ball Super's Graonlah Arc saw the Heeters' powerful little brother Gas unlock his full unleashed form, a Kamikaze transformation that burns the villains cells away even as it gives the full breadth of his unleashed potential powers. Gas's new powers are too much for Goku even with his Perfected Ultra Instinct form enhanced with those new Saiyan potential unlocked by Bardock. 

To defeat Gas, it truly takes teamwork, and the Granolah Arc makes sure to dedicate a moment to letting everyone on the battlefield shine! 


First, Granolah makes a triumphant return form near-death in time to save Goku from Gas, and take up one of the most esteemed jobs in all of Dragon Ball: charging up the final energy blast to defeat the villain! 

To give Granolah time to power up, Goku goes all-out against Gas with his new powers, in a spectacular attack. Of course once again Goku's power comes up short – but Vegeta butts in (seriously, with a headbutt) and saves Goku before Gas can disintegrate him. 

When Vegeta steps in, Gas's siblings Oil and Macki try to jump in and aid their brother – but old sweet Monaito uses the one and only attack he knows (hypnosis) to put them right to sleep. 

In the tense final moment, Granolah needs a solution to blasting Gas but not his home planet (Cereal) to bits; Goku uses Ultra Instinct to manifest a Sasuke-style Susanoo avatar form, and literally picks up and pitches Gas into space, giving Granolah all the room he needs. 

As a final, even minor, callback, Gas is out of range of Granolah's enhanced sight – until his estranged A.I. assistant Oatmeal steps back in for some precision targeting help. Gas gets blasted (but spared) and every single player in the Granolah Arc played a part in making it happen! 

Dragon Ball fans have been debating whether or not this story arc would truly help the series evolve by making someone other than Goku the victor and hero for the first time in a long time. This was something of a happy medium: teamwork, with Granolah getting to deliver the final blow. 

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