Dragon Ball Super Revisits Goku's Susanoo at Last

Dragon Ball Super has taught Goku a number of weird and wild techniques, such as Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct as he fights against rogue Kaioshins, gods of destruction, alternate realities, and alien crime families to name a few. With the battle against Gas seemingly coming to a close in the latest chapter of the manga, it would seem that one of Goku's biggest new attacks has returned in his "giant energy form" which has yet to receive an official title.

Goku's "big energy form" has yet to receive an official name, though it was instrumental in netting the Saiyan Z-Fighter a victory against Gas as the large technique was able to hurl the Heeter into the air to allow Granolah to deliver an energy attack that wrapped the battle. Even with Gas defeated, the intergalactic bounty hunter made a surprising decision to not deliver a killing blow, no longer desiring revenge against them for the loss of his mother and his race. While the Granolah Arc might not be over, it would seem that the battle against Gas has come to a close as the Heeter apparently won't be regaining consciousness any time soon. 

Twitter Outlet DBS Chronicles asked Twitter Users what name they would give Goku's new energy form, with the Saiyan warrior seemingly only bringing out the technique during the direst of circumstances such as the final moments of his battle against Gas of the Heeters Clan: 

It might be quite a few years before we finally see this new technique arrive within the medium of animation, as Dragon Ball Super has yet to reveal whether the television series will be making a comeback any time soon. However, the creators behind Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have confirmed that a new project is in the works, so perhaps Goku's giant energy "Susanoo" will appear on the big screen before it does the same on anime fans television screens. 

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