Dragon Ball Super Unveils Goku's New Melee Attack

Dragon Ball Super is now into the big finale battle of its new "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, where Goku is facing off against Moro, a sorcerer whose powers rival those of the gods themselves. In order to do battle with such a villain, Goku had to train with an angel (Merus) inside a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, in order to master Ultra Instinct, the divine power that Goku unwittingly unlocked during the Tournament of Power. When last we left off, Goku had activated his Ultra Instinct Sign power to battle Moro. In Dragon Ball Super chapter 58, we get to see more of just what Goku's Ultra Instinct power can do on the battlefield!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 58 SPOILERS Follow!

Moro is cocky as ever when facing Goku, allowing the Saiyan hero to power up into Ultra Instinct Sign, and letting him take the first shot. Goku doesn't just take the first shot, however - he takes a dozen shots at once!

To rest of the Z-Fighters (and Moro) it looks like Goku never even leaves his (new style) fighting stance - until Moro is suddenly hit with major impact in his shoulder, followed by a dozen more blows to his body. When it appears that Goku is simply vibrating his flexed arm while standing in place, Moro ends up being hit with a barrage of blows so furious, it looks like he's taking fire from a gatling gun.

Dragon Ball Super Goku New Melee Attack Ultra Instinct Air Blasts vs Moro
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Galactic Patrolman Jaco has the power of enhanced vision, and he explains to the Z-Fighters that Goku is moving his hand so fast that he's firing off "Air Blasts". Ultimately, the technique is no ace-in-the-hole win for Goku - in fact, Moro calls it a "pesky" attack and is able to black / overcome it pretty quickly. Goku shows a bit more ingenuity with his Air Blasts technique, later on in the fight: When he and Moro get into an airborne battle, Goku uses a barrage of air blast punches to knock the villain down toward the ground at intense velocity, while keeping him on the defensive. It allows Goku to get in close for a critical hit - but unfortunately, Moro lands an equally hard blow in counterattack.

"Air Blasts" may be a shiny new name for a Goku's latest Ultra Instinct technique, but longtime fans of Dragon Ball recognize that it's all too familiar. It's pretty much the new version of "Kiai," the general air blast technique that has been used in virtually every Dragon Ball anime and video game that there's been. Still, seeing it powered up to Ultra Instinct level is pretty cool!

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.