Dragon Ball Gifts Goku His Place as the Universe's Strongest Warrior

Dragon Ball has more characters under its belt than it knows what to do with most of the time. However, it seems the series always knows what to do with Goku. The hero has come a long way since the franchise began, and creator Akira Toriyama has certainly powered up Goku over the decades. These days, he's been busy trying to reclaim his spot as his universe's strongest warrior. And for a glorious (yet brief) moment, Dragon Ball Super recently reminded Goku how it felt to hold the title. 

Now, the question is how long will Goku keep the title. Dragon Ball had to pull some strings to prop the hero up. And if we know anything about Gas, it is that the villain is not going down without a final power boost.

The whole thing came to a head in chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super. It was there Gas fought Vegeta one-on-one while the Saiyan worked out some Ultra Ego kinks. The pair were able to spar long enough for Goku to tap into a new Ultra Instinct form. It turns out this new state blends all the training Whis put Goku through with Bardock's idea of Saiyan pride. And after pulling the new form out, Goku is able to edge out Gas.

"Seems like I'm just barely stronger than you now," Goku tells Gas during the heat of battle. "But I don't h ave long. Let's get this done."

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In that brief moment, Goku was able to overcome Gas' immense power and prove why he has been at the top of this universe's food chain for years. From Frieza to Cell and Goku Black, our hero has taken on insurmountable villains and come out the other side as a winner. There is no doubt Gas will fall to Goku at some point, but this villain is really giving our guy a run for his money. After all, chapter 85 ends with Gas seemingly blowing past Goku's power yet again thanks to his unleashed form. But if fans are right, well – this boost will be the last one Gas gets in his lifetime. 

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