Dragon Ball Art Brings Goku and Vegeta's Greatest Fusion to Life

Dragon Ball Super fans know what they want, and these days, they want more fusions. A simple visit with Gogeta or Vegito would be enough to satisfy netizens, but the series is notoriously careful with the characters. Of course, the same cannot be said for fan artists, and one is going viral after they shared their take on Gogeta's Ultra Ego-Instinct fusion.

Over on Twitter, the fan-artist Renaldo_Saiyan got the fandom buzzing when they posted a new piece of artwork. It was there fans were given an idea of how Ultra Ego x Ultra Instinct would work when fused, and honestly? We are going to need Dragon Ball to make these fusions canon ASAP.

As you can see above, Gogeta is first up to bat as Goku and Vegeta fused the forms using the Fusion Dance. Gogeta is given silver-lilac eyes, and of course, their hair bares the forms' colors. When you look at Vegito, the form inverts those colors to mix things up. And of course, both of these fusions are wearing the usual outfits that we have seen before.

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If Gogeta is considered the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball, well – you can imagine how unstoppable the fusion would be in this state. Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct give our Saiyans power, unlike anything the Dragon Ball franchise has explored before. And if you bring them together, there is honestly no telling how strong Gogeta would become. So if any villains want to take on Earth anytime soon, they will do well to remember this threat is looming overheard...

What do you think of this Dragon Ball Super tribute? Do you think we'll ever get this fusion one day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.