How Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 Sets Up a New Angelic Arc

Dragon Ball Super's latest story arc, "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" has always seemed like it was building toward some game-changing events for the franchise, and the last few chapters have confirmed it. With the release of Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 62, the rules of the Dragon Ball multiverse and its divine order have just been upended in a major way. A lot of fans already think they know what chapter 62's cliffhanger ending is setting up - and its the sort of Dragon Ball Super divine war that fans have predicted since the beginning!

This is how Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 62 Sets Up a New Angelic Arc! (Warning - Major SPOILERS Follow!)

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 62, new villain Planet-Eater Moro escapes defeat by fusing with his evil android henchman, Seven-Three. The android's ability-mimicking power allows Moro to restore the powers Vegeta's new technique siphoned off him - while also giving Moro all of the abilities Seven-Three copied. Moro quickly adds Vegeta's new powers to his arsenal, and after that, he easily annihilates the Z-Fighters, leaving several major Dragon Ball characters facing imminent death.

Moro has the Saiyans, The Androids, and even Piccolo down and out, leaving nothing between the ferocious villains and the decimation of Earth. Nothing, except the last-minute intervention of an angel - Merus!

Dragon Ball Super How Moro vs Merus Sets up Angelic Arc manga anime

The Galactic Patrol's elite agent was revealed to be an angel-in-training, sent by the Grand Priest to learn more about mortal existence by essentially going undercover in Galactic Patrol to see how good and evil truly play out in the universe. However, after facing Moro on New Namek (and failing to stop its destruction), Merus took Goku and trained him the use of the divine power of Ultra Instinct. In doing so, Merus skirted dangerously close to breaking angelic law by using his true angelic powers in battle on the mortal plane. That breach forced Grand Priest and Whis to bring Moro back to the angelic realm, as a stern reminder of his duties. It seemed like Merus was done in this story - but now it seems he's going to fight Moro in the protection of Earth.

So far, it looks like Merus is attempting to intervene as a Galactic Patrolman, using his ray gun and tech to attack Moro. So, technically he's still operating within the rules of his "internship," by not revealing his true angelic form or powers. However, Moro takes a good second look at Merus and immediately realizes that the space cop is no mere mortal. With Moro's new level of power, it seems all but impossible for Merus to avoid using his angelic powers for long (or at least until Dende can heal the Z-Fighters).


No matter how Merus vs. Moro round 2 plays out, the angelic being's actions seem like they will force some kind of punishment - one that Goku and Co. will not agree with since Merus saved them. That's the exact kind of impasse that fans have been waiting for, as Whis Beerus and the other divine figures would be challenged by the power of Earth's Saiyans!

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