Dragon Ball Super Sets Up a Major Death (or Two)

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has left fans in shock. Up until now, the manga's "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc seemed like your standard Dragon Ball storyline: new villain Moro came onto the scene and achieved a power that left Goku and Vegeta smashed and defeated, and in need of serious power-up. Goku failed with his boosted Ultra Instinct powers, but Vegeta took Moro down using the new Forced Spirit Fission energy siphon technique he learned on Yardrat. However, just when Moro was down and out, he revealed a final power-up of his own - and he's just used it to fatally injure several major Dragon Ball heroes!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 SPOILERS Follow!

Moro's last-ditch plan was to consume/absorb his evil android Seven-Three before Vegeta could finish him off. Thanks to Seven-Three's ability-mimicking power, Moro had a "backup copy" of his fully-powered magic and stamina waiting for him. However, the Z-Fighters learn it's worse than that: Moro has also gained Seven-Three's power-mimicking ability - along with all the powers the evil android already copied. And just to make sure he has the full advantage, Moro quickly nabs Vegeta and copies his massive new powers as well.

What next unfolds is pretty much the most horrific fight that the Dragon Ball Z-Fighters have been in since Majin Buu, as Moro proceeds to viciously beat down every single one of them. Gohan, Androids 17 and 18, and Vegeta all get beat to a pulp; however, Goku and Piccolo catch it much, much, worse.

Goku and Gohan attempt to use an energy snare and surprise Kamehameha to take Moro out. Thanks to Seven-Three, Moro has Piccolo's regenerative ability and quickly reforms his lost limb - and a. Moro is sadistic enough not to kill Goku outright (not before he feeds on his lifeforce), but this is the most horrific thing that has ever happened to the Saiyan hero.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Kills Goku Piccolo Death Manga 62
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Piccolo tries to rally and take Moro out with a suicide maneuver, by exploding an energy bomb inside the barrier Moro has trapped them in. To stop Piccolo's sacrifice, Moro drills the Namekian hero right through his stomach with Piccolo's own Special Beam Cannon attack. Even pooer Vegeta gets fried with his own Big Bang Attack, which Moro then mocks for not being powerful enough to be lethal.


All in all, Moro is the most vicious and powerful villain that Dragon Ball has introduced. The series has now had to place the last hope for Earth and the Z-Fighters on some divine intervention that could shake up the entire series.

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