Dragon Ball Super Sets The Stage For Goku and Vegeta's Battle With Granolah

The Granolah The Survivor Arc has introduced Dragon Ball fans to an interesting new character in the titular bounty hunter whose home planet was destroyed by Freeza and the Saiyan race so many years ago, and it seems as if the manga has set up the perfect battlefield for this new brawler to tango with both Goku and Vegeta. As Granolah has now achieved the title of "Strongest in the Universe", it's clear that even with Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's continued training in the world of the gods of destruction, the two Saiyans have a big fight in store.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's Manga, Chapter 71, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article to avoid spoilers.

The battle between the two main Saiyans and Granolah has been formulated thanks to the nefarious machinations of the Heeters, space criminals that are seeking to take over Freeza's army by having the three warriors eliminate one another. How the galactic outlaws go about this is ingenious in that two of the Heeters make a trip to Earth to chat directly with the wife of Goku, Chi-Chi, imploring her to contact her husband and see if he would be willing to fight the "villain" that is Granolah.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Goku Vegeta
(Photo: Shueisha & Toei)

In order to sweeten the deal of Goku and Vegeta battling against the bounty hunter, the Heeters offer Chi-Chi a bounty should the two Saiyans be able to eliminate the "strongest warrior in the universe". After months of training on Beerus' planet, with Goku gaining a better understanding of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta learning how to better harnass the power of the gods of destruction, the Heeters inform the Saiyans that Granolah is waiting for them on the Planet Cereal and the party ventures forth.

On the flip side, Granolah is set to venture forth to defeat Freeza, but the Heeters inform him that the Saiyans are on their way, lying that they are still under the thrall of the alien despot. With the pieces now in place, the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga is sure to focus on the beginnings of this fight for the ages.


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