Dragon Ball Super Promo Shows How Planet Cereal Fell to the Saiyans

The Granolah The Survivor Arc in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga has taken the opportunity to not just give Goku and Vegeta their biggest battle to date in the Shonen franchise, but is also readying to explore the past of the Saiyan race with a new preview for the next installment of the Weekly Shonen Jump series. In the latest promo, it would seem that the new pages document how the Cerealian race fell to the Saiyans, with the father of Goku, Bardock, playing a major role in the upcoming trip to the past.

Warning. If you don't want the upcoming entry of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Chapter 77, turn back now as these new pages are filled with spoilers.

Apparently, it would seem that the members of the Cerealian race and the Namekians had lived a peaceful co-existence with one another, explaining how the alien world was able to get its own Dragon Balls. While the Saiyans were definitely far more bloodthirsty than the Cerealians, the soldiers of Freeza didn't just take the race by surprise, but they specifically waited for a full moon to unleash their ultimate power at the time in their Oozaru forms. With the Saiyans, Bardock included, becoming Great Apes, the Cerealians and the Namekians combined could do little to stop their assault, with the preview for Chapter 77 laying things out:

"The Cerealians and the Namekians who were already in small numbers failed to resist and were wiped out with ease."

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared a number of the upcoming preview pages which shared just how brutal the Saiyans were in the past when they were working under the employ of Freeza and looking to expand his empire by swallowing planets' resources in the process:

With Granolah learning that Goku's father Bardock was the one to save both his life and the life of his mother, it is unclear whether the intergalactic bounty hunter will call a truce with Goku and Vegeta or if he will remain un-waivered in his attempt to eliminate the Saiyans from existence.

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