Dragon Ball Super Illustrator Revives Bardock for a Father-Son Sketch

Dragon Ball fans did not get to spend much time with Bardock, but the Saiyan certainly impressed them while he was around. Goku's father was killed as he attempted to stop Frieza from destroying all of Planet Vegeta, but his efforts failed. Still, he did succeed in saving Goku from annihilation as the boy was sent to Earth just before the Saiyan race was culled. And thanks to one illustrator, fans can imagine how the father-son duo would do if they were reunited right now.

The artist Toyotaro gave fans the surprise sketch earlier this week on Twitter. This gift caught plenty of fans off-guard given that Toyotaro is the official artist behind the Dragon Ball Super. This sketch has fans feeling as if the drawing is canon, and Toyotaro said he got to drawing after a certain scene popped into his head.

As it turns out, Toyotaro was gripped by thoughts of Goku and Bardock over the weekend. The artist began wondering how things would look Bardock was somehow revived - even if simply temporarily - to do a special Kamehameha blast with his son.

"As [Toyotaro] was drawing this, he thought of a scene where Bardock would come from heaven and both father and son will do a combo attack to defeat Frieza back in Namek," the user Chronicles on Twitter translated for Toyotaro.


You can see the fan-artwork above as it shows Super Saiyan Goku looking rather beaten up. With his top shredded, the hero has one arm raised forward to blast out a Kamehameha while he is joined by his dad to the left. Bardock is dressed in his usual Saiyan armor, and he looks poised to blow Frieza away. There is no doubt the older man would pick up the attack quickly should Goku give him a quick rundown, and Master Roshi would love to see his iconic technique used by the father-son duo. Frieza would not like it as much... but that is really the best part about the double team attack!

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