Dragon Ball Super Comes Full Circle with Uub's Epic Comeback

Dragon Ball is always looking for new stories to tell, but that never stops the series from referring back to the good old days. The franchise is keen on dropping Easter eggs to any of its previous series, and that was shown clearly in Dragon Ball Super. And thanks to a new nod, fans are all emotional after Uub brought his story full circle.

The moment in question came at the end of chapter 66. The update saw Dragon Ball Super put Earth in big danger as Goku was failing to stop Moro. Not even a Spirit Bomb could power the Saiyan enough to battle, and Goku was left stunned at his impending loss.

And yes, he would have lost in a big way if it weren't for Uub. After all, the boy is the one who saved the day. He sent energy to Goku just when the Saiyan needed it, and his divine power gave our hero the push to unleash Ultra Instinct once more.

The moment was unexpected in the best way, and fans have been quick to compare Uub and his choice to one that Kid Buu made. After all, it is hard to forget how the evil kid treated Earth back in Dragon Ball Z. Kid Buu tried to erase the world, and it took an epic Spirit Bomb from Goku to take the villain out. The technique worked, and now after all these years, Uub helped save the world by sharing some energy of his own.


This moment brings the character full circle, and fans are more eager than ever to meet Uub. The character has been shown once before in the manga, but fans weren't given any interaction between the boy and Goku. Now, the pair have been indirectly linked by this Spirit Bomb boost, but there is more for the pair to do. After all, Dragon Ball Z made it clear the pair meet in its epilogue, so we'll keep rooting for Uub over in our corner until he is ready to meet Goku.

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